Week 15: Rooms. Sophia A Me Dao.

Sophia is a first generation american and talked to us about the conflict in her home because her grandparents have different ideas and ideals.  This is Sophia’s first gallery and she is a graduating senior. She is looking into graduate school if she is able to procure funds. Sophia was working with many forms like  that of bacteria, organic  matter, and geometric shapes.  She scaled her pieces down to one like that of microbes . She first attended Long Beach City College before transferring to CSULB.


What drew me to Sophia s art was that it looked so simple but she was able to represent different items with simple shapes and designs. For example in this picture a clear television st is displayed in a piece of furniture with 4 lines a circle and 2 diagonals. Not to mention the books and things to bthe right of the television mad e my simple lines.



I am also a sucker for small things.

SAM_0678 SAM_0677



Week 15: Classmates! Sabrina Macias.

Sabrina Macias is a nursing major here at Cal State Long Beach. Sabrina realized she wanted to be a nurse and that it was her passion since she was young. She felt this way when her grandparents passed away when she was in 8th grade and  at the end of her freshman year in high school . When they were still alive she would go fetch their medication and take care of them.. Sabrina is a shy person  and feels that she does not have enough time to dedicate to school clubs so she is not a part of any. Sabrina has two pets, Bam Bam an 8 year old basset hound, and Iggy a two year old iguana. At first Sabrina was freaked out by the iguana since it was a gift for her boyfriend’s birthday but she has gotten used to him. Sabrina has 3 older brothers and a little sister whom she considers a niece. Sabrina will turn 21 in June and is maybe thinking about going to Las Vegas. Other travel plans she has are to go to  Mississippi in July for her boyfriend’s graduation from the Air force ROTC.

If you want to know more about Sabrina here is her website:



This week an amazing assortment of drawings and paintings were exhibited. There were watercolor paintings that looked almost like photographs and cool sketches of animated characters but the ones i found most interesting were the images representing vocabulary words.

Unfortunately many of the artists were not there to interview but i took photos of two pieces with this vocab theme. It seems to have been an assignment to pic a word and portray its definition visually.





This piece was by Ellen Bae.









I love how the word is Cahoots and Ellen uses birds to portray this since birds are commonly known to “hoot”. I thought it was the funniest thing ever.





















This image was interesting since they chose a porcupine (i think it’s a porcupine) since it is an animal with built in needles, needles that are important for tailoring and thus this animal was born to be a tailor, and not just any tailor, the best tailor! One with tremendous skill, one able to transform anyone into a lady-killer.  These were fun to observe and i truly appreciate the thought put into these pieces.     :]



Week 13: Classmates! Briella Matsumoto.

This week i got to chat with Briella. Briella is a civil engineer here at Long beach and is in her second year. She enjoys math just like i do and didn’t know what she wanted to major in when she got to Long Beach.  She decided to start off in the civil engineering route and if she liked it she would continue on and if she didn’t she would simply switch to something she did enjoy. Briella was confident in her abilities and knew she was able to do it if she had to but luckily for her she also enjoyed it. She didn’t enjoy the physics aspect of it as much and she learned that she enjoyed applying what she had learned more than learning it in the first place.

Since Briella’s father teaches engineering courses she calls him whenever she needs help and he is there as her private tutor. It was even better when her father was teaching the same course she was taking so he could walk through the steps  with er. Briella is originally form Sacramento California where her adorable Shih Tzu  Dali (which stands for moon in Korean and is fitting since he is all white), her two younger brothers, and her younger sister wait for her visits. Her parents pushed her to explore and be on her own. At first she was nervous but soon became comfortable and excited with the new found freedom to organize her life the way she wanted it to be.

If you would like to learn more about Briella here is a link to her web page:


Week 11: Moss!! Michael Nannery.

This weeks gallery was especially awesome. I love animal, the environment, random facts, recycling, and this exhibit fussed all 4 in one awesomely dark package. I walked in to see an assortment of fish tanks and fish bowls spread out with cool lighting while the room itself was dark which just made the fish and plants stand out even more. I loved this exhibit  because he  gave us a demonstration and explained the differences of every fish tank that he had in there.





He talked about the moss he had and how it grows and even how to boost its growth by adding club soda since the bubbles of carbon dioxide are what plants take in to turn into energy.


He also talked to us about how to remove fish poo from the bottom of the fish tanks using a tube. He said it was like the movies where people are trying to get gasoline from a car tank but instead of sucking on the tube and almost dying because of gasoline ingestion, there was a slightly larger portion of the tube on one end which you would fill then raise so that the water would move down into the rest of the tube and slowly you would do that until the entire tube was filled. The last segment you would hold upright and lower into the water so that it would fill up and thus creating a tinny vacuum where now you would be free to vacuum out the fish poo.


wpid-cam00893.jpg wpid-cam00895.jpg








Not only that but he also informed us of how fish poo made great manure.

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