Week 1: Glass. Meghan Smythe

Meghan Smythe
Meghan Smythe

A seemingly out of place piece of art. This week I toured around the art galleries on campus and among many of the pieces that were on display at the exhibition by Meghan Smythe these two glass pieces  caught my eye. In comparison to the other pieces there, for example, these skulls. Meghan says she tried to  represent the battle humanity has with itself. She wanted to show the battles and hardships but also the unity and strength people have. I asked her about the piece and what she said made a lot of sense. I forget artists are also trying to live off their work like everyone else does so when she told me that those two pieces were more to represent what she could do after studying for 2 years took me by surprise. It was about demonstrating the techniques he had learned and the hard work she had put in to develop her skills. Maybe I read too much into it but it was quite satisfying as a response.

Meghan Smythe
Meghan Smythe

I just think these skulls were cool, the way the colors swirled and the size of them made me think of giant people roaming the earth.


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