Week 2: Cloth. Mylene Raiche

I got a chance to talk to Mylene Raiche about her exhibition at Long Beach . All of her pieces were sewn and dyed by hand. She takes the pieces of cloth and sews different images into them that hold different feelings for her.
 She talked to me about one particular piece. It was a white wool sheet which she dyed a pastel pink and had an image of her grandmother sewn into. She told me she used the piece to keep herself warm and whenever she was feeling home sick since she is a foreign exchange student from Quebec, Canada.
I found it amazing that this piece was not only her expression and thought into physical form but it was also a functional wool blanket. I always think of art as something to look at and keep wandering hands away from but she breaks that norm. She is a very sweet and kind person and i greatly appreciated how in depth and open she was with me during our chat.
Cloth and Wire
Cloth and Wire

This is another piece in her exhibit that I thought looked like flowers but they were not…. ;P


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