Week 3: Candy. Jasmin Urrea.

This week I had a chance to ask Jasmine Urrea, a senior and art student at Cal State Long Beach, some questions about her exhibit Bonbón. What inspired her video and wall art was her little sister. Her little sister Alexandra is overweight and Jasmin wanted to help her by documenting their bodies together. Her sister gave up and so Jasmin decided to make this piece along side her sister Alexandra. It took two and a half weeks to complete it and an extra 2 days in order to cover around the door frame of the exhibit since she did not have the measurements beforehand.

The walls were covered in brown paper which was then covered in spray glue and sprinkled with confetti.  Then, every piece (which ranged from marshmallows. to McDonald fry boxes, to cookies) was hand glued with a hot glue gun one by one. It cost approximately 600 dollars to complete and received donations of wrappers and packaging from McDonald and Jack in the box. Out of all the candies and sweets on the walls, her favorites are the chili lollipops.
Jasmin also featured a film of which i took a clip of and included below:
Jasmin is the person who is being force fed in the video. The film is about overindulgence. She spoke about how everything is so available and advertised for people to consume. It is as if the food companies were shoving food into your mouth as the film portrays. During the film she experienced pain, she shoving was so forceful that she bled. Even after it was over, she threw up from it.
When i asked what impact this piece had on her little sister Alexandra, she told me that Alexandra is now trying to live as a vegetarian.
Jasmin’s usual artwork consists of self-portraits and she loves to dress-up and explore the Spanish heritage stereotypes.  Her role models are Elenore Antin and Cynthia “Cindy” Morris Sherman. Her advise to us was to stick to our ideas and see them through to the end.
At first when i walked into her exhibit i only noticed the candy. I thought it smelled good and reminded me of parties my family holds. I took a few more steps in and noticed the moving images on the wall. I observed and realized it was a person, a person covered in candy and who was being force-fed tons of junk food. Then all the candy and cookies on the wall made me feel uncomfortable. It made a lot of sense after she explained how food was being forced onto us in ads and billboards. Hopefuly Alexandra learned from her sister and i hope she sticks to eating healthier from now on.

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