Week 3: Classmates! Arlette Pacheco.

This week I met Arlette Pacheco in one of the art exhibits. She was kind enough to walk up to me and ask to interview each other this week. I started off by asking her what her major was and if she had know what she wanted to do since 1st grade. She told me that she entered Long Beach undeclared because she was not sure what she wanted to focus on. She figured that in taking some GE classes she would figure out what she was most interested in and figure out her major out later. Since her brother is a communications major he was able to give her some advise. She now thinks she would be interested in communication. Her brother told her that this field would give her more options in the future for careers.
I then asked her about her work history. Arlette has previously worked at a fast food restaurant and she did not enjoy it. She especial noticed that customer service work was not enjoyable since people can be ridiculous and demanding with little to no appreciation. She had also worked in an arcade the past year. I was curious to know if the movie Wreck It Ralph had an impact on business at her arcade. She did seem to remember an instance where there was an influx of customers and even a question from a customer if what happened in the movie actually happened in real life.
Since we were in an exhibit covered in candy, i asked her what her favorite was and apparently it is Kit-kats with recess coming in second.
Here is their website if you are more interested in learning about them:

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