Week 4: Classmates! Jessica Mercurius.


This week’s classmate is Jessica Mercurius. Jessica is a pre-film major. When she was in high school her life goals jumped around from wanting to be a vet to an artist but she hopes she can stick to this goal for now. She has friends who are in the same field but who have been doing it for longer. She feels that even though she has put her time into a film, whenever she looks at one of her friend’s films, that hers do not even begin to compare.
She is a freshman at Cal State  Long Beach and when i asked her about what she thought of the gallery she is posing in she believed that it was rushed and did not understand what the artist was trying to portray. At first she thought it might have something to do with all the mugs on the floor and that maybe he had made them all by hand but then she realized she had a mug just like that one at home.
Jessica does not have many hobbies but she does have one very interesting one in particular. Jessica collects phone numbers just in case she might be in need of a taxi-cab or moving-truck service. She says this hobby came about when she was young. Most of us remember watching television and wanting to dial a number from an advertisement for some cool crazy new toy but then the guy from the commercial would dash your hopes of ever getting that toy by saying “You must be 18 years or older to call!” Well Jessica remedied that by logging the phone numbers of what she found interesting so that she might call them if she needed to.
I enjoyed my chat with Jessica and we even got to share lunch time in between classes. It was really fun to talk with her and maybe ill call on her to help me with some phone numbers.
Here is their website if you are more interested in learning about them:

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