Week 4: Colors! Natali Guerra Pineda.

This week I had a chance to speak with Natali Guerra Pineda. Her gallery was filled with different artistic mediums ranging from painting to carpentry. This picture above was drawn in pencil then gone over in ink and colored. Natali says it is supposed to represent the two lives one person lives, the life everyone is used to and aware of, but also the life we live in out heads, our day dreams and out ideas that carry us far from the real world and into our fantasy worlds. She also integrated the idea of life being a winding and changing road with the black outline of the body not being a smooth curved line but full of jagged turns and edges.
This piece was put together with oil pastels and water color. She says her assignment was to focus on an aspect of suffering in the world and Natali decided to do hunger in the world. It is supposed to be looked at from right to left  where a mother and her child suffering form hunger are torn apart by hunger. The child passes away form starvation while the mother is left to grieve and continue her suffering. As the work progresses, the child is seen fly up and move on, no longer tied down by hunger and pain but free to go on while his mother is left alive, to grieve, and starve.
This by far was my favorite piece. It is so full of color and life! It makes me happy just to look at. It looks so nice and incorporates multiple aspects of Natali’s life and personality. It shows her love for music, nature, the mystics and parties. The beautiful colors  pop when compared to the white wall. Absolutely loved this piece.
Aside from her painting she even included some jewelry that she made herself out of silver.
I hope to see Natali’s work in the future and i wish her the best.

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