Week 5: Corpse. Pixels.

This week’s assignment was to take a picture of yourself in the environment you believed you would end up dying in. At first i thought i would  most likely die in a car crash since im on the freeway for 2 hours at least Monday through Friday. Then i thought it would be funny if i somehow died in some horrific archery related accident but it struck me that the most likely death i would have was that of me on my desk in front of my desktop.


There was more to this thought than just loving to play games and that i spent too much time on them but the fact that video games  are becoming a real problem for me. I have neglected my responsibilities far too many times just so i could play another match of league (30-45 minute matches). This “hobby” is becoming much more than that. It is becoming an obsession. Video games are affecting my school work, the only real “job” i have to fulfill at the moment and it is even preventing me from grabbing food, food that i need to live, just because I don’t want to get up and leave my screen for just a second from fear of missing out on some tiny bit of information relevant to the game. I know i can balance gaming and my responsibilities, its just going to take me time to find that balance once more or i really will end up dead in game and IRL.

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