Week 5: Lonely: Candace Wakefield.

This week i decided  to write about Candice and her photography. I walked in right in front of me were photographs of what seemed to be landscape at first. I then read her statement. It talked about how she had distanced herself from her father when he needed her the most and how he was away in jail. She asked him to send her drawings of his everyday life. She used his drawings as part of her exhibit. There was a drawing of public phones with the caption “call home?”, the showers with “The Spa”, and then the pictures i had mentioned early were landscape shots of the several prisons her father has been incarcerated in. I felt a deep sadness in the room. Her father’s black and white drawings with the exception of green and blue. The distance that was shown in her pictures of the prisons. It was very intimate and personal insight to her relationship with her father. I felt that i couldn’t just take photographs of her work, that it was more her statement that indicated what her exhibit was about. I couldn’t even ask her questions about it from fear of myself tearing up. It was an impact full gallery that i will not soon forget.

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