Week 5: Classmates! Laura Maxim.

Lora was a marketing major but is now a business accounting major, unfortunately she is hating her accounting class. She is a second year at long beach state university  and is contemplating switching her major to business. She has 3 brothers, 2 older 1 younger, and she is considered the princess of the family. She was born in Garden grove which is approximately  10 minutes from campus. Her first choice for higher learning as Long Beach so i bet she was stoked to have gotten in.  Lora has 2 dogs, an Australian Sheppard and a terrier. Lora used to read for fun and used to work at a TGI Fridays. She was also a part of a parks program where you would  mentor and spend time with children all day. Her favorite food is donuts and her favorite color is turquoise. Fun fact : Lora and I both are deathly afraid of spiders.
no thank you
no thank you
Here is their website if you are more interested in learning about them:



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