Week 6: Classmates! Tania Chandiluhur.

I got to interview a fellow fourth year this week, Tania. She says she liked her bio chem class looking back but that during the class she hated it and that her physical chemistry class is worse. She enjoyed that her biology class was more concepts and memorization and dislikes her physical class because  it involves more formulas and admits that it sucks trying to integrate things since she took calculus 3 years ago.
Tania was born in Indonesia and moved to the United States when she was 10. She remembers living there where it was even hotter and more humid than southern California. It was always raining and humid like the tropics. She said that you would wake up from a nap and your hair would be stuck to your neck because of the sweat and condensation. After a shower you would grab your towel and try to dry yourself but no matter how many times you would wipe yourself down your skin would still be moist. She also told me about hoe inexpensive things were back in Indonesia when using American dollars.
She has 2 little sisters and younger brother, a mini Eskimo dog that is white, fluffy and adorable, and a hamster. (image bellow is a look-alike- of her dog/ not actually her dog)


One of Tania’s goals is to go visit Indonesia when she gets her Citizenship. Another of her goals is to make it into medical school and become a physician.
Here is their website if you are more interested in learning about them:



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