Week 6: Counterfactual Identity: Online gaming!

I did not feel  comfortable enough  to dress up and talk to someone in person (also because i do not have “different” clothing to try and dress up with) but what i did notice with the video we watched in class was that the virtual world does facilitate the “putting on a different face”.  This week i decided to pretend to be a troll on the internet and what better place to try was


 I am never the person to call someone terrible or ask them to uninstall or format c their computer because i didn’t like how they performed during the game but i see so many people acting like total jerks i decided to try and enter that kind of mentality. I did not use my original account because i wanted my real self to have nothing to do with this fake self that i’m sure i would despise. The game is set up as 5v5 match where the objective is to destroy their home base. The map is set up as so:
Bot, mid and top are lanes where players try to advance towards the enemy base (2 bases one bottom left other top right). The standard configuration is one player goes to the top lane alone Usually a bruiser type champion who can deal damage while taking some. Middle is where mages battle, bot is where the attack damage carry (a character who’s basic attacks shred its opponents) and their support( a character who’s main focus is to heal/protect/ and aid in killing the enemy), and last but not least the jungler, a character who’s soul purpose is to sneak around the jungle and performing sneak attacks onto unsuspecting opposing characters. Before anyone even enters the field of battle the loading screen is where your team communicates and plans out who will play what role and where. One thing that can get you on everyone’s side in 2 clicks is to insta-lock a champion. Insta-locking is when someone chooses a character and locks in their choice without consulting the rest of the team. Usually people will type out what position they want and whoever calls it first gets it. Insta-lockers ignore everyone else just so they get the champion they want even if it cripples the team. I did just this and immediately i got the responses i was trying to get out of people.
Player 1: Woooow. What an **hole!
Player 2: Report him for instalock
Player 1: I hope you get ****ed in lane
Player 3: Juste report him, third tiume this has happenedto me
I could feel the anger in their messages, anger the real me would never want to be coming my direction but the trolls of the internet live to see people angry.
I tried to make them even angrier at me by claiming i was a pro player when in reality i’m just getting decent at this game. Needless to say my jungler didn’t come to help me in my lane or try to assist me with a sneak attack from behind he let my lane basically kick my butt. The real me expected just as much since i strongly believe in “:Treat others as you would like to be treated”. If i’m a jerk to people why would they want to help me? We lost that game and my fake account got reported for intentional assisting the enemy team and for unskilled player. Even the opposing team could tell that i was performing badly but i think it was because of the feelings the real me had when left alone to fend for myself. During the game i would do what most insta-lockers did to try and justify why i was doing poorly, and that was blaming the rest of my team. This only made them more angry and want to like me less and less.
The game proceeded as such with my team getting stomped on. I don’t understand the people who do this. It makes no sense rationally or psychologically. You cannot work well without proper communication, and you wont play well if right off the bat you are working with people who are angry at you.
Trolls i don’t understand you!

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