Week 6: SO TINY! Group works Curated by Nicholas Gaby.

This week when i walked into this instillation at first i was extremely confused because it had seemed like i walked into an empty room. I was wondering to myself, is this it? Is this what he is trying to tell us? That art is empty and barren like the room i was standing in. All of this blew my mind for 1/100 of a second as i took a step closer into the room, then a bright red dot in my peripheral vision caught my eye as i was about to step down onto it. It was a small red die on an slightly larger white die. I squinted and leaned down closer to the ground and i could see even more of them. Teeny pieces of art. Nicholas Gaby was there to curate this exhibition as there were around 40 people who worked to put a miniature piece of art in the exhibit. He told us that the exhibit as to play with the idea of space. Nicholas had also contributed to the gallery with the piece bellow.
The pieces used  ranged greatly in style and material. The pot was made of clay, there were also clay teeth, mini framed pieces, tiny tables, petite tools, diminutive signs, and a minuscule knitted piece. I couldn’t help but think how cute the pieces were although the artists were probably going for something more meaningful. I enjoyed this exhibit quite a bit because of its diminutive nature. Its hard to tell who made what so i’m sorry if i have featured your art but have not given you credit, you can email be using the contact sheet below and i will make sure to update this with your names included!

Teeth Framed CAM00767[1]



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