Week 7: Interview w/ Avatar Artist. Vanessa Blaylock.

This was honestly supper cool. I love this second life program. Vanessa did so many cool things. Not only did she make a cool  dome all covered in images of second life that she herself made, but she also made a fully functioning laundromat on the first floor of said dome.
She made it a cool fun environment and it really made me want to create my own art in a virtual world. I might even do it for one of my later projects. I also like what she said regarding this type of artwork.
Vanessa Blaylock- “so for some people the, sort of holy grail, of virtual work… is to be validated by RL shows in museums or galleries… but I kind of reject that… to me… that’s giving the power of your medium to somebody else… so I probably wouldn’t reject RL activities or exhibitions… but for me… it is the work you do in-world that counts most.”
I love this. This is what i also believe art is about. If you want to express yourself and you want to do it in a certain way or form that makes you feel great about it and you want to share it with others, AWESOME, go right ahead, but as soon as an institution, or some group of “elites” starts to limit, or try to restrict you on how or why you can express yourself its unacceptable and you should continue to express yourself regardless of their rules. Its like Vanessa said, photography wasn’t accepted as art back in the day, but painters would try and make their photographs look more like paintings to get it “accepted” by the general art critics and now photography is most definitely seen as art.
This project has got to be my favorite so far. I will definatly be trying virtual art. It will only take a while before virtual art is the new photography  😀

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