Week 7: Sewn paint. Alanna Marcelletti.

This week i learned about Alanna Marcelletti. Her smaller pieces were what drew my attention at first.


Especial this one. Alanna said that the mermaid and other characters in her pieces were supposed to represent people or experiences she herself lived. The characters in her pieces are supposed to symbolize the struggle a woman goes through in today’s society. Women now are pressured in the home, at work, and as mothers and Alanna has experience with this. Alanna said the mermaid was dissolving because of the pressures put on her, but she didn’t want that dissolving to only be a bad thing, because out of something dissolving you can get the more basic materials and become something new, for example the mermaid dissolving into sea foam. I really enjoyed this particular piece:


I’m not sure what drew me to this piece but i’m thinking it was the plant seemingly growing out of the bottom left corner. Not only that but also the woman cut out of a book with words like couple high-lit and the bright light house in the middle of dark skies. Interesting pieces like these smaller ones just made me feel relaxed and calm. Over all it was a mix of emotions, some pleasant some hard to understand, then again all i have ever been is a female student and daughter, yet i have done and felt so much as a student and daughter.



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