Week 8: Memories. Rachel Gehrke.

This week there were so many amazing artists. There were cool screen prints like this one by Rachel Gehrke:


The bright red phoenix resting on the symbol for The Deathly Hallows. I absolutely LOVE this piece. Harry Potter was an enormous part of my childhood and this story in particular, that of The Deathly Hallows, is one of my favorite pieces of lore of this entire series. When Hermione tells the tale it still feel a twinge  in my heart.

The end of the story, where the third brother passes on the cloak to his son and departs with death as equals makes me want to live a life where i too will leave this world not fearing death but as someone who can stand along side death. The proper words escape me when it comes to expressing the feelings i get for this story. Not only that but this story also has strong messages with regards to acceptance, pride, envy, and humility.
The phoenix also plays an important part in the second book, the chamber of secrets where Harry is saved by Fawkes’s tear which has magical healing abilities. Fawkes brings harry back from certain death not only by healing him but by bringing him the weapon he needed to defeat the giant snake beast.
Nostalgia hit me hard but in a good way. remembering how awesome these books were and how magical reading was. I never want to forget this series. These books were the first to have ever made me feel so strongly for a fictional character. These books were the first to have ever made me sob uncontrollably at the loss of a character. These books are my childhood.

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