Week 8: PLASTER!

This week we got to make something with our bare hands… and some plaster… and some sand. I went over to the pier near 10th street. I tried looking for the lifeguard tower but there was no tower to be found. Fortunately i found a group of my classmates by the beach who were kind enough to let me use their bucket and stir stick since i had forgotten mine. I was then posed with the question on whether i wanted to make a foot or a hand. I chose my right foot and began to dig i then stuck my foot in the hole and pack the sand tightly around it. I slipped my foot out of the sand as if i where taking my slipper off and mixed the plaster. After pouring and waiting  5 minutes i decided to decorate the top of my plaster with sea shells.


I dug up my third foot and headed home where i was able to brush off most of the sand. The end result was pretty detailed.



The first thing that came to mind was all those people that were found buried under volcanic ash and rock near Pompeii. How well preserved they were because they were covered in sand and that sanded acted like a mold. Unfortunately they all died very tragic deaths but they were our scopes into what life was like back in Roman time. They gave us great insight to everyday life, art, and practice.
My foot also works well at giving my mom a good scare. I was giving her a ride to a dentist appointment and she nearly jumped out of the car when she looked down at the floor only to find another foot. Good times :] .

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