Week 9: Bubble Letters~

CAM00875[1]               I had a lot of fun practicing my graffiti art. Before i knew it i had spent a couple hours looking at various types of letter types and styles and had 4 pages worth of my name drawn out. I am not sure how i feel about this project. I have seen the full range of connotations for this type of artwork and the most prominent one in my life is that of gang warfare and territory marking.  Growing up i would walk by the painted and tagged up walls of my neighborhood. I lived in an area of constant conflict where these symbols on the wall meant danger and violence. I have grown and seen how this style of street art could be so much more than danger. I would visit Venice beach after school and see the beautiful pictures and colors of the art walls. I began to realize how this could be an amazing expression of Los Angles and many other cities. Even so i still feel on edge when i see the writing on the wall and i hope that someday i will be able to get over the fear and admire the creativity, skill, and bravery it takes to paint on the walls for the world to see.



I decided on the * as well as the original bubble letter we were supposed to do.



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