Week 9: Live. Don Tinling.

Don Tinling is an amazing man. He was diagnosed with HIV and then with full blown AIDS but fought back to reclaim his life and now he has such low levels and has overcome his fatal disease. Don wants to share his experience, he wants to share how he struggled with being taken care of and losing his vision and strength to now being able to walk and move and see again. Don also had to push in order for his exhibit to be as he envisioned it.
First thing i see when i walk up to the gallery is this warning. Don explained to me that the school has a “No bodily fluids in the art galleries” rule due to an unfortunate urine fountain incident in the past so it was an uphill battle to get his blood art piece into the gallery. Don felt it was important to have his actual blood present to further drive home the importance of his story. Don worked hard filling out paperwork after paperwork to realize his art and even so there were rules and restrictions to his gallery but i can honestly say it was well worth it. Don not only fought for his own sake but now helps those others suffering from his affliction by making quilts. These quilts are meant for those who have unfortunately passed away from the disease and for those countless others who did not have specific quilts dedicated to them like the people of Africa.
Don is an interesting and profound person and I hope he continues on with his art and pray he stays well so he can share his story with many more to come.

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