Week 12: Remade! CSULBWood.

This weeks gallery feature is CSULBWood. I absolutely love woodwork. I did not have the chance to take wood shop in high school since it interfered with my schedule so this gallery really made me want to add this art style to one of my hobbies. Wood in general is awesome with its strength and beauty but this gallery will always tug on my heart strings since it takes already used objects and re-purposes them and remakes them. Wood is so strong and you can do so much with it like make this really cool table:


Brenda was a part of this exhibit and told us about how she also refurbishes furniture to resell. Now only that but she also takes wood, like that form a tree that fell at school, and uses it to create a beautiful bench. Her and 4 other people worked to create that bench and wish i could even come close to being able to work with wood like that. The gallery didn’t just stick to just furniture but also featured some skateboard decks and boxes with twigs. I fairly enjoyed this gallery.



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