Week 10: Glow! James Haag.

Week 10 i got to participate in my first ever gallery. James was still working on completing one of his art pieces since it was a performing art rather than a piece you would hang on the wall or watch as a video. At first i was interested in a large filling cabinet he had that was coated in a layer of cement but still functional. It opened to reveal a jar with a pigs heart (if i remember correctly) and some glasses.

SAM_0620 SAM_0621


He started telling the his story, about how he had gone to school pursuing a career he ended up not liking and so he had to start a new and start fresh and i started to see the pile of ruble he had on the ground as a symbol of his life at that point, at how he had been working and building up, shaping and adding onto his life for a goal he no longer wanted and having to break it up and start anew. He then invited us to help him with is performance art piece.  piece that involved a board and hundreds of nails coated in a paint that would make them glow in florescent lighting. There was no real shape or order to the nail placement but it was fun. After a while you would develop a rhythm and you would be able to continue without putting much thought into it. it was sort of meditation after a while, where you could get lost in your own thoughts. It was fun being able to get involved. Unfortunately i was not able to catch the act at 4:30 since i had club at that time but i hope everything went well!

SAM_0619 SAM_0618 SAM_0617






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