Week 11: Classmates! Dhaifallah Aljohani.

This week I had the chance to chat with Dhaifallah who is a mechanical engineer here at Long Beach and is currently in his 3rd semester. Dhaifallah chose Long Beach because of the area. He talked to me about our art class and that his favorite project so far is the counter factual identity project.  For the project he went all out and dressed as a woman from the 60’s-70’s  and he thought it was supper funny. He walked around and noticed that people were laughing  and thought he was someone who wanted to be a woman.

Dhaifallah’s favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. Dhaifallah doesn’t own a dog but his land lord has a lab he play’s with all the time. He feels that the lab spends so much time with him its almost as if it were Dhaifallah’s dog. His hobbies include eating out, going to the beach, going to the gym, taking pictures, traveling, road trips, and hanging out. Dhaifallah recently went on a road trip to visit a friend in Seattle and hopes he has a chance to travel some more soon.

Here is a link to Dhaifallah’s website if you would like to learn more about him:



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