Week 11: Moss!! Michael Nannery.

This weeks gallery was especially awesome. I love animal, the environment, random facts, recycling, and this exhibit fussed all 4 in one awesomely dark package. I walked in to see an assortment of fish tanks and fish bowls spread out with cool lighting while the room itself was dark which just made the fish and plants stand out even more. I loved this exhibit  because he  gave us a demonstration and explained the differences of every fish tank that he had in there.





He talked about the moss he had and how it grows and even how to boost its growth by adding club soda since the bubbles of carbon dioxide are what plants take in to turn into energy.


He also talked to us about how to remove fish poo from the bottom of the fish tanks using a tube. He said it was like the movies where people are trying to get gasoline from a car tank but instead of sucking on the tube and almost dying because of gasoline ingestion, there was a slightly larger portion of the tube on one end which you would fill then raise so that the water would move down into the rest of the tube and slowly you would do that until the entire tube was filled. The last segment you would hold upright and lower into the water so that it would fill up and thus creating a tinny vacuum where now you would be free to vacuum out the fish poo.


wpid-cam00893.jpg wpid-cam00895.jpg








Not only that but he also informed us of how fish poo made great manure.


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