Week 11: Recycle! P11. Explanation.

Archery is a pretty expensive sport if you decide to really get into it. I love archery, so every penny i spend on it is worth it. Unfortunately, due to my short arms, i need to cut down my arrows quite a bit for me to use them. We cut arrows to our specific lengths in order to customize and fit them to ourselves. Because my limbs are so short i end up cutting a good 6 inches from my arrows.  I did not have the heart to throw the arrow shafts away since i had spent 175 dollars on the dozen so for some time now i have had 12, 6 inch tubes in my bow case.




I decided to turn my tiny arrow shafts into awesome arrow pens! One of the archery alumni gave me the idea and i thought it would be a perfect way to make a cool arts and crafts project for my art class while reusing material i thought i had no use for. I love re-purposing items others would have thought had no other purpose, this project fits the bill and is especially satisfying since i paid a pretty penny for these arrow tubes. First off i had to collect my materials. Arrow tubes, arrow fletchings (yellow and white), knocks (white), crazy glue, and ballpoint pens.

CAM00935 CAM00936 CAM00944 CAM00947







The first thing i did was Take apart the pen so that i could stick the ink tube into the arrow shaft and secured it with crazy glue.














I glued in a knock on the other side. The knock is a small plastic pincer that would squeeze onto an arrow to make sure it was secured before you shoot.


Then came the fletchings! This is what makes an arrow stand out and make it recognizable as such. One by one the fletchings are glued on equally spread apart form each other 120 degrees apart.
















And there you have it! a cool functional, recycled arrow pen!



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