Week 13: Classmates! Briella Matsumoto.

This week i got to chat with Briella. Briella is a civil engineer here at Long beach and is in her second year. She enjoys math just like i do and didn’t know what she wanted to major in when she got to Long Beach.  She decided to start off in the civil engineering route and if she liked it she would continue on and if she didn’t she would simply switch to something she did enjoy. Briella was confident in her abilities and knew she was able to do it if she had to but luckily for her she also enjoyed it. She didn’t enjoy the physics aspect of it as much and she learned that she enjoyed applying what she had learned more than learning it in the first place.

Since Briella’s father teaches engineering courses she calls him whenever she needs help and he is there as her private tutor. It was even better when her father was teaching the same course she was taking so he could walk through the steps  with er. Briella is originally form Sacramento California where her adorable Shih Tzu  Dali (which stands for moon in Korean and is fitting since he is all white), her two younger brothers, and her younger sister wait for her visits. Her parents pushed her to explore and be on her own. At first she was nervous but soon became comfortable and excited with the new found freedom to organize her life the way she wanted it to be.

If you would like to learn more about Briella here is a link to her web page:



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