This week an amazing assortment of drawings and paintings were exhibited. There were watercolor paintings that looked almost like photographs and cool sketches of animated characters but the ones i found most interesting were the images representing vocabulary words.

Unfortunately many of the artists were not there to interview but i took photos of two pieces with this vocab theme. It seems to have been an assignment to pic a word and portray its definition visually.





This piece was by Ellen Bae.









I love how the word is Cahoots and Ellen uses birds to portray this since birds are commonly known to “hoot”. I thought it was the funniest thing ever.





















This image was interesting since they chose a porcupine (i think it’s a porcupine) since it is an animal with built in needles, needles that are important for tailoring and thus this animal was born to be a tailor, and not just any tailor, the best tailor! One with tremendous skill, one able to transform anyone into a lady-killer.  These were fun to observe and i truly appreciate the thought put into these pieces.     :]




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