Week 15: Classmates! Sabrina Macias.

Sabrina Macias is a nursing major here at Cal State Long Beach. Sabrina realized she wanted to be a nurse and that it was her passion since she was young. She felt this way when her grandparents passed away when she was in 8th grade and  at the end of her freshman year in high school . When they were still alive she would go fetch their medication and take care of them.. Sabrina is a shy person  and feels that she does not have enough time to dedicate to school clubs so she is not a part of any. Sabrina has two pets, Bam Bam an 8 year old basset hound, and Iggy a two year old iguana. At first Sabrina was freaked out by the iguana since it was a gift for her boyfriend’s birthday but she has gotten used to him. Sabrina has 3 older brothers and a little sister whom she considers a niece. Sabrina will turn 21 in June and is maybe thinking about going to Las Vegas. Other travel plans she has are to go to  Mississippi in July for her boyfriend’s graduation from the Air force ROTC.

If you want to know more about Sabrina here is her website:



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