Life Week 2: Vlog

My Family.

My name is Cindy Santiago and i was born and raised in West Los Angeles. My mother and father came from Oaxaca, Mexico to better their lives and their children. I am the eldest of their children and the first in my family to go to college. I have three younger siblings and two adorable dogs <3. I love my family and there is even more to love now with my new baby cousin’s arrival! 😀

CAM00014[1]Long Beach State.

This is my 4th year at Long Beach. I switched my major from biology to mathematics half-way through my second year and i can honestly say I do not regret switching  one bit. Freshman year of college I kept to myself and would only leave my house to go to class. Sophomore year I joined the archery club at school and the friends i made and my experiences on the team have helped me break out of my shell and learn to interact with people (even if I am still afraid to talk to or interact with new people). I do not mean to be rude or offend I am just afraid to initiate a conversation >.< !



I do not know what I am going to do with my life. I do not know where I am going to take my math major. I do not know if I will wake up tomorrow but I’m trying my best to enjoy life as it happens and i hope i succeed. We are all in this together so lets try to get along! (or at least not get in each other’s way) :3



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