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This week an amazing assortment of drawings and paintings were exhibited. There were watercolor paintings that looked almost like photographs and cool sketches of animated characters but the ones i found most interesting were the images representing vocabulary words.

Unfortunately many of the artists were not there to interview but i took photos of two pieces with this vocab theme. It seems to have been an assignment to pic a word and portray its definition visually.





This piece was by Ellen Bae.









I love how the word is Cahoots and Ellen uses birds to portray this since birds are commonly known to “hoot”. I thought it was the funniest thing ever.





















This image was interesting since they chose a porcupine (i think it’s a porcupine) since it is an animal with built in needles, needles that are important for tailoring and thus this animal was born to be a tailor, and not just any tailor, the best tailor! One with tremendous skill, one able to transform anyone into a lady-killer.  These were fun to observe and i truly appreciate the thought put into these pieces.     :]



Week 12: Project, Drawing part 2!

This week i decided to expand on the small amount of drawing we did in class during the bubble letters project. I have always liked to doodle or sketch during class or on my own spare time and i feel like this was a good opportunity for me to practice and meditate on the past month of my life. This is the beginning of my piece which i hope to be able to color and ink out before i present to class.





The drawing itself starts  off with the circle at the center. The top half is going to be the sun while the bottom half is to be the moon. Top left is a blue bird beginning its decent, diving down and shedding its blue feathers, coming up from its dive now as a crow. The background itself will go from a bright sky blue and fade down to black. This piece is supposed to represent the turn my life has taken the past weeks. I have another piece i am working on that is not near as done as this one is for this part of my life but i feel like this would be a better one, a more cheerful one for the class. On the Thursday before spring break everything was going great. Went to school, went to club, went out for dinner, but then i went home. I parked on our driveway and my mother was on the steps, tears in her eyes as my dad stood in our front yard, staring at the ground. My mother walks up to me and says:

Something terrible has happened

I clench my chest and stand there as she tells me that my dog, my puppy, my child was hit by a car and left on the side of the road to die. Most people wouldn’t understand but this dog, my dog was  like my child. I saved him from an abusive home. He was the runt and my family decided to take him into our family. I fed him, i bathed him, i slept with him, i bought him cute little clothes, i took him to the vet, i took him to the park, and i lost him. He died two days before his 1st birthday. He died a baby. He died my baby. All i remember after that is crying. Crying so hard i felt like throwing up. His head was smashed by a car so he died on impact but my father decided to bury him before i had gotten home so i wouldn’t have to see him that way. To this day i haven’t had the strength to go to his grave and say my goodbyes because i cant. I hope this piece helps me heal and helps me move on.